One-Of-A-Kind Children's Parties

"Dedicated to creating a unique party experience for your child!"

Stephanie Borg

Stephanie feels truly blessed to have the opportunity to create unforgettable party experiences for children of all ages on their special day. Her dedication and commitment to ensuring that all children feel valued and equal are evident in every party that she facilitates.


Stephanie conveys a genuine warmth and kindness that is reflected in her interactions with others and her enthusiastic and friendly nature makes her extremely approachable. 


Stephanie is a highly skilled Resource Teacher and Early Childhood Educator and has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 10 years. She envisioned creating a company where she could share her talents, passion and creativity with children on their very special day and offer parent's the peace of mind that all of the children and families attending their event would feel valued and enjoy their time engaged in hands on activities and fun.


Stephanie currently works full time as a Resource Teacher, not only supporting children with special needs and their families but also the child care and school community.  Stephanie embraces a totally inclusive, family-centered approach and strives to ensure quality inclusion in every classroom she supports; as well as every party she facilitates. Stephanie has a thorough understanding of a wide-range of developmental, physical and behavioural needs and she also has a comprehensive collection of strategies, accommodations and resources that she utilizes in her daily practice.


In addition, Stephanie has been involved in the arts (primarily dance) for over 23 years and is currently one of the head choreographers with Bird Entertainment- a renowned community theatre company in Brampton. She has taught all forms of dance to children and adults- young and old and she truly loves to share her passion for dancing with others!


Stephanie looks forward to creating a fun filled, entertaining and exciting party for your child!


Ashley Macphee

Ashley feels very excited to start a new, creative and imaginative adventure “just for kids!” Ashley is dedicated to ensuring that all children are able to experience a birthday party that not only fits their personality but is also memorable and unforgettable. 


Ashley’s commitment to all children is displayed in each individual party she facilitates and she strives to ensure two things: INCLUSIVENESS and FUN!


Ashley is a highly skilled Resource Teacher and Early Childhood Educator and has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 9 years. Ashley currently works full time as a Resource Teacher in an Early Intervention Preschool Program supporting children with special needs, their families and the community.  Ashley practices and believes in a total inclusive and family centered philosophy and works together with a multi-disciplinary team ensuring the quality of care of all the children.


Ashley has a thorough understanding of child development; as well as, experience working with children with a wide-range of developmental, physical, behavioral and medical needs. Ashley also has hands on experience implementing a variety of on-going resources, strategies adaptations and accommodations within her classroom and the parties she facilitates. 


In addition, Ashley has been involved in the summer camps for children of all ages for the past 10 years, starting off as a Camp Counselor and working her way up to Director of a Camp for children with special needs.


Ashley looks forward to creating a fun filled, entertaining and exciting party for your child!



Kristen Borg


Kristen's energy and enthusiasm are unmistakable in every party she facilitates and she truly enjoys dedicating her time to creating personalized and memorable parties for all children!


Kristen is a recent graduate from York University where she obtained her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts with honours. Kristen is now pursuing a teaching career as a high school teacher where she teaches drama, dance and history. Kristen is  extremely passionate about the arts and looks forward to being able to shape the lives of countless students for many years to come!


Kristen has been working with children ranging from early childhood to adolescents in a variety of different settings for over 6 years. Kristen has a solid understanding of child development and possesses plenty of experience working in a wide-range of child care and school settings. In addition, Kristen particulary enjoys working with children with special needs and currently works with many children and their families as a Respite Worker where she supports each family with creating and executing individualized goals for their child both within the home environment and out in the community.


Furthermore, Kristen is a lead dance instructor with the City of Brampton School of Dance, where she has been teaching tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and musical theatre to children, teenagers and adults for over 6 years. Additionally, Kristen is also a head choreographer with Bird Entertainment and has contributed her exceptional choreography and acting skills to numerous musicals and dance shows.


Kristen looks forward to creating a fun filled, entertaining and exciting party for your child!