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                  Star Wars Mania

Party Format:


Our 1 hour Star Wars party consists of leading the children through

     "Jedi" training.

*** We start with an official Star Wars temporary tattoo session and provide the children with a Jedi mask craft for them to decorate while we begin "branding" each child with their Jedi mark!



*** We then proceed into the games and activities which are all challenges that lead to an official ceremony where all the children are presented with certificates deeming them "official Jedi's".

In addition, they will have the opportunity to pose in front of our 6 foot, life size, card board Darth Vader for a Jedi photo shoot.(Individual and group shots taken of all the children)
PLUS... all the pictures taken will then be compiled onto a DVD slideshow set to Star Wars music and mailed to your child after the party!


Examples of our games include:
* A Martial arts demonstration where we teach the   children some staple martial art's movements that they will need to utilize as future Jedi's
* Pass the Death Star
* Jedi Balloon Training
* Asteroid Gum Ball Guess
* We utilize our parachute into the activities and lead the children through interactive games and adventures
* Star Wars Theme BINGO (our most popular game) 
*** We also embed prizes for all the children throughout our games and provide Star Wars bags for them to keep their treasures safe
We are a team of women- so unfortunately we cannot offer a Luke Sky Walker or Darth Vader to lead the festivities. However, we have secured our own Jedi cloaks and your party facilitator will come dressed as a Jedi leader.
We also do not include light sabers in our party format! As a team of teachers, we have decided to avoid utilizing light sabers when creating this party as we do not want to promote violence and sometimes playing with light sabers in a large group can become quite busy and wild--- even when limits are set! With that being said- we do provide a fun-filled and exciting hour for the children that is interactive and activity-based and really promotes the values of a true Jedi!


Beginning with our Star Wars pledge  


Star Wars Obstacle Course (Option for larger parties- inquire within)  

Star Wars Jedi Mask and Galaxy Star craft station   


R2D2 Cake and Birthday Boy 


Asteroid Game

Asteroid Hunt 

Jedi Balloon Training  


Star Wars BINGO

Star Wars "Make your own candy-kabob light saber station"

(An additional add-on option to any Star Wars party as well!)