One-Of-A-Kind Children's Parties

"Dedicated to creating a unique party experience for your child!"

Our Belief
  • ALL children deserve to have memorable birthday parties filled with fun, laughter and friends.
  • No child should be expected to change or adapt to a party theme. Instead, the party environment, games and materials should be adapted  to a child's strengths, interests and skills!
  • A birthday party should be totally inclusive and bring friends together in a safe and positive environment.
  •  Birthday parties should embrace each individual child's strengths and personality and be open-ended and fun!
  •  All children should be treated with respect.


Our Goal

A common challenge that many families with a child with special needs may face is what they are going to do for their child's birthday party! Some comments that we have received from parents through our direct work with families include:


"As my son gets older it gets more difficult for me to plan parties for him. As sad as this sounds, I dreaded the task altogether because every time I invited his classmates from school over for his party, my son would be sitting on the floor playing with his trains while the other children would be running away playing with the balloons and activities I set out! I always struggled with how I could set up the environment and the party games so that it would be exciting for my son and his friends. My dream for him is to be able to have a party where he is just as involved in the fun as the other children." Kelly Reid- Bolton, ON.


"My daughter loves Cinderella and I have always wanted to find a princess to come and host a party for her. The biggest obstacle I faced was that all of the companies I called who offered princess parties did not seem to be equipped with the experience and knowledge needed to be able to fully understand Missy's sudden outburts, sensory issues and how to communicate with her using her PECS. Needless to say her princess party has not happened yet because I am not comfortable hiring someone who does not have some background and experience working with children with special needs. I am thrilled that Stephanie and Ashley have created this company. There is definitely a huge population of families who have a child with special needs who can and will benefit from this fantastic opportunity." Linda Patterson- Brampton, ON.


Our priority:

  • We will take the stress out of planning a party for you child!
  • We strongly encourage families to invite their child's classmates, neighborhood friends, etc.
  • We will do whatever it takes to adapt a party to your child's strengths, interests and skills, while ensuring our approach is totally inclusive and engaging for all of the children invited!
  • We have extensive experience using the Picture Exchange Communication System, simple sign language and augmentative devices and will incorporate the use of any of these communication methods into our parties.
  • We will arrive completely prepared, full of energy and ready to go. In most cases, there will be two of our party facilitators present to ensure your child's party experience is totally successful and inclusive!