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Fabulous Dance Star Party


 1 Hour Party Features Includes: (For up to 10 children)


An experienced dance teacher who will facilitate the party!

She will lead the children in an official dance warm up to get their heart rates pumping and warm up their muscles!

We have an large collection of lively dance games that we incorporate into all our "Fabulous Dance Star Parties!"

After learning the choreographed dance routine, the children are given the opportunity to "dress the part" and glamourize themselves up with stylish accessories, trendy hats and sparkly jewellery for our 'final performance' where they get to perform their dance one last time.


1.5 hour party includes - all of the features listed under "1 Hour Party Features" PLUS the opportunity for each child to have make up and funky tattoo's applied.


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*Please add $5 for each additional child

*An additional travel fee may be applied depending on location

*Prices could be subject to change if this party is customized in any way


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